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Using Verifilter is easy.  There are no downloads or cumbersome updates.  Just log in and start checking your customers.  It's as easy as typing in a customer name and hitting the Return key.

Verifilter has advanced software systems that continually monitor important watch lists, making sure that you have a single place to search that is always up-to-date and accurate.

We have years of experience building sophisticated computer systems related to export regulations.  Since 2008, we've been providing the highest level of quality to our customers.

Government regulations are complicated.  Understanding which regulations apply to your company is complex and often hard to determine.  Verifilter will check your transactions against all of the important government watch lists and give you specific advice about what to do in each situation. 

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OFAC designated terrorist
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

Lists We Track

  • Treasury Dept. OFAC SDN
  • Treasury Dept. Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  • Treasury Dept. Palestinian Legislative Counsil List
  • Treasury Dept. Sectoral Sanctions Identifications
  • Treasury Dept. Iranian Financial Sanctions Regulations List
  • Treasury Dept. Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act List
  • United Nations Consolidated List
  • European Union Consolidated List
  • Canada OSFI Anti-terrorism Financing List
  • Commerce Dept. BIS DPL
  • Commerce Dept. BIS Entity List
  • Commerce Dept. BIS Part 736 Gen. Ord. 3
  • Commerce Dept. BIS Unverified List
  • State Dept. Designated Terrorist Organizations
  • State Dept. Chemical & Biological Weapons Concerns
  • State Dept. Iran Nonproliferation Act
  • State Dept. Iran-Syria Nonproliferation Act
  • State Dept. Missle Proliferators
  • State Dept. Sanctions for Lethal Military Equip.
  • State Dept. Statutorily Debarred Parties