Verifilter FAQ

Q.  What service does Verifilter offer?

A.  Verifilter gathers data from 13 government watch lists, giving you a single central service that lets you search for your customers and potential customers.

Searching can be done through a fast, easy-to-use web interface.  For advanced integration, we offer a set of web services that can be called from your website or applications.

Q.  Why should I choose Verifilter?

A.  Verifilter has expertise and experience related to government watch lists.  Your company probably doesn't have the needed expertise in watch lists, and even if it does, the amount of time and effort required to stay on top of the lists can be prohibitive.

Understanding which lists to monitor, what the implications are of finding a match on the different lists, and building the tools to continually monitor the lists is a full-time job.

Let Verifilter help you - it's one less thing you need to worry about.

Q.  Who is behind Verifilter?

A.  Verifilter is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Principal members have many years of software development experience - especially web-based large-scale systems like Verifilter.

Additionally, key members of Verifilter have extensive experience designing and implementing systems related to export compliance, government watch lists, and other enterprise-level supply chain management and enterprise resource planning systems.