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Using Our Service From Your Web Site

You can integrate our service into your own web site or internal applications by using either of the two web services we offer.

A web service is similar to a web page, except the information returned by the service isn't usually displayed in a browser - instead, the calling program uses the information returned as part of it's logic.

Both of our web services allow you to search by name and address,
or by identification number.

Both web services return the search results in XML format.  You'll need to parse the XML to extract the information you need.  Most programming languages have XML parsing functions built in.

When you subscribe to Verifilter, you'll receive a customer ID.  You must pass your customer ID as a parameter to the web service each time you call it.

Each call to the web service counts towards your monthly search quota, just as the web-based searching does.

SOAP Web Service

SOAP is a web service standard backed by Microsoft, and is best used by programmers who work in Microsoft Visual Studio.

SOAP messages tend to be complex, so most progammers who use SOAP rely on Microsoft Visual Studio to create the underlying proxy functions for each function that the web service exposes, allowing you to call it as if it were a function in your own program.

To call the SOAP web service, use the following URL:

Click here for full documentation for the Verifilter SOAP interface

REST Web Service

With less overhead and a simpler format, many developers prefer the REST approach to web services.   It can be used easily from a variety of environments.

The Verifilter REST web service uses querystring values to pass in parameters.

To call the REST web service, use the following URL:

Click here for full documentation for the Verifilter REST interface