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Subscription Plans and Pricing

We offer two different subscription plans:

Both plans give you access to our
government watch list data
and associated applications.

The plans differ primarily in the number
of searches allowed per month.


Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide to cancel your subscription before the year is up, we will happily refund the unused amount to you.

Questions?   1-800-516-2417
Our Subscription Plans

Price per year $399 per year $1199 per year
Number of searches allowed 300 per month 5000 per month
Check names through your browser YES YES
Check names in a spreadsheet (CSV file) YES YES
Check names in an XML file No YES
Check names in an ACH file No YES
Website integration available using
SOAP or REST webservices
Number of sub-account logins allowed per account
(stats for each are tracked separately)
None 25
Technical support Email Priority Email + Phone
Payments handled by PayPal - no membership required
We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions,
so your credit card information remains safe.

No PayPal membership is needed to subscribe.

Don't want to use a Credit Card?
Contact us about paying via check or wire transfer.

1 Year

1 Year
  Before you subscribe, be sure to read our
Terms of Service